5 Benefits of CMMS

For many of our customers, it is the first time they are implementing a CMMS system in their organisation. Smartspanner is ideal to transition into from spreadsheets, whiteboards and notepads. A well structured maintenance software application brings many benefits. This blog will hightlight the main benefits of a CMMS system. Depending your type of company, some of the benefits will be far more important than others.

Reduce Downtime Ensuring Compliance Improve Productivity Reduce Costs Data Collection and Analysis

Reduce Downtime

This is the basic function of a maintenance team! Ensuring machines or facilities are available to the business for use. By adopting a structured system, reducing downtime through a CMMS application can actually happen in many ways;

  • Ensure PM tasks are not missed or forgotten.
  • Task ownership through a CMMS system will ensure your team respond effectively. Accountability is a key part of CMMS.
  • Condition monitoring and routine inspections help identify when maintenance should be performed.
  • Collecting maintenance requests from your employees, operators or guests will identify problems earlier.
  • Managing your spare part inventory can reduce delays in machine repairs by having stock on hand when it is needed.

Ensuring Compliance

There are many regulations for companies to follow which require various checks and inspections. This applies both to facilities and asset management. Companies should securley maintain evidence and records for auditing. A CMMS system will schedule all requirements for the maintenance team or specialised subcontractors. A CMMS system is a secure repository for documents, reports and log to meet your compliance requirements. A CMMS system will provide records of inspections and reports, making the audit easier and demonstrate forward planning to maintain compliance. Compliance should be taken very seriously by company owners as they carry the ultimate risk for sever injuries or fatalities.

Improve Productivity

Running a team of maintenance technicians is stressful and even more so when it is done by email, telephone calls and daily meetings. Working in large facilities or multi-site business will make communication more difficult and even time consuming. Connecting a team with a CMMS application particularly with mobile applications enabled, will improve productivity. Each technician will see new requirements assigned to them and work through their priorities. Users can also retrieve more information about asset history make faster decisions and diagnosis. Team members can also look up any other tasks due on the same asset and combine requirements to minimise downtime.

Reduce Costs

CMMS can enable reduction in spare part inventory costs. Ensuring you maintain critical spares that are needed and reduce any excessive stock. Good inventory management will also look at alternative suppliers and interchangeable spares. Subcontractor costs are often very high, particularly with multi-site businesses. CMMS collects data to track subcontractor costs and allows visits to be optimised and works orders grouped.

Data Collection and Analysis

Having data collected in a CMMS system can be very valuable and shouldn’t be overlooked. At some point, tough decisions need to be made about renewing assets or replacing high value spares. It is also important for companies to optimise the size of the team; having data available gives you insight to make informed decisions.