Manage and track all maintenace tasks, inspections and servicing for your assets.

  • Manage and track all maintenance work on your assets.
  • Reduce risk with compliance, inspection and testing.
  • Audit trail and record keeping
  • Top level view of maintenance across your business, sites and even countries one a single maintenance platform
  • Use critical spares inventory with low stock level alerts to maximise asset availability.
  • Statistics and smart reporting tools to make informed decisions using KPIs.
  • Manage and track all maintenance work on your assets.
  • Stay on top of breakdowns, compliance and PMs with our dashboard

Asset management is all about maintaining equipment, machinery and plant. It could be at a factory, depot, restaurant, farm, or even a mine. Keeping assets up and running is essential to maintenance, but it isn’t about putting out fires all the time. Asset management includes preventative maintenance, breakdowns, faults, inspections and in many cases compliance activities have to be scheduled and documented with an audit trail.