Sites and Users

Set up sites and users to get started with Smartspanner, allowing you to control multiple locations, or different asset groups.


Adding Assets

Assets are quick to enter into Smartspanner and we also offer a free import using our excel template.


Creating Tasks

Set up tasks for any type of maintenance activity, schedule and assign to your technician.


Setting Non Working Days

For recurring schedules, ensure new tasks do not fall on non working days.


Using reports

Our flexible reporting tools exports data to excel to allow you to evaluate and monitor performance.


Recurring Tasks

Preventative maintenance or PMs are easily scheduled with Smartspanner so nothing is forgotten about. When the task due date passes, it shows up on your overdue dashboard.


Labour Logs

Tracking labour lost and user utilisation is achieved using labour logs. Smartspanner calculates labour cost based on each users hourly rate.


Spare Parts

Managing your spare parts inventory and supplier records is critical to achieving asset reliability.



Procedures are used across multiple assets to reduce administration with files and attachments available at the point of use for your technicians.



Subcontractors can be integrated as users of Smartspanner and managed within each task for the cost and scope of their work.


Failure Codes

Failure codes or tags can be assigned to any task to allow more in depth analysis of the types of failure or types of maintenance being performed.


Condition Monitoring/Readings

Learn how to use condition monitoring in Smartspanner to manage maintenance based on parameter rather than time based intervals.



Checklists ensure your technicians have clear step by step instructions and they can mark off each item when complete.

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