Task Management
Schedule all tasks (breakdowns, faults, PM, Inspections…)
Recurring tasks
Assign tasks to users
Calendar view of schedule
Log all labour costs
Record spares used in tasks
Asset Management
Review asset history
Asset hierarchy
Store files, documents, images etc
Asset Spares List
Monitor Asset parameters


Dashboard and Notifications
Overdue tasks
Active tasks
New tasks to schedule alerts
Spare shortage alerts
Immediate email notification of urgent tasks
Email reminders for tasks
Daily digest email to monitor all updates
Spare Parts
Master spare part library
Monitor inventory levels
Spares linked to assets
Alternative spares
Alternative vendors
Export to excel
Master procedures index
Attach files, forms and instructions
Quick link tasks with procedures
Assign subcontractors to tasks
Monitor subcontract costs
Document storage in subcontractor records


Condition Monitoring
Set up your own parameters
Log readings to assets
Reporting to Excel
Dynamic filtering of criteria then export to excel
Monitor all costs
Monitor response time, downtime, labour time


Select date ranges, duration or frequency:
Mean Time Between Failure
Export to excel


  • Complete Tasks on the go
  • Set up new tasks
  • Filter your work lists
  • Add Labour Logs
  • Assign subcontractors
  • Upload / view photos
  • Assign Spares to tasks

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