Don't take risks with compliance!

Company Directors are ultimatly responsible for compliance and risk management.
In the UK in 2020 there was 111 workplace deaths. This being the worst possible outcome;  can also result in prosecution of directors.  Compliance is not to be under-estimated as just a paperwork exercise. Just consider the potential damage in fines, inspections, loss of production and low moral, even with minor accidents.

Managing compliance helps ensure the health and safety of employees and customers. We often talk to clients just after they had a near miss and realise they have to take it more seriously!

For small business’ it is comon for employees to wear several hats in their roles and they are not specialists in each area. It is important not to let things slip by; accidents and failures happen at any moment. Having an audit trail of inspections and servicing will be vital.

The Role of Software in Managing Compliance
  1. Assets with compliance activities scheduled with alerts and automated reminders.
  2. Work is assigned to someone accountable.
  3. Top level management are able to monitor status.
  4. Record keeping, often with service sheets and inspection reports.
  5. Maintaining records offsite is an important consideration for flood or fire damage.

Keep your company up to date with legislation; review requirements, planned work and when new equipment is installed. Maintenance software won’t tell you what the applicable legislation is, so you must to be responsible to routinely review it.

Smartspanner CMMS is ideal for small businesses to manage compliance tasks; meeting all the requirements above with email reminders to the assigned person, dashboard management, audit trails and an offsite document repository. Take a look at all the features.

For UK companies we suggest the best place to start looking at compliance is the HSE website:


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