Why we Offer Unlimited Online Support

January 2021

If unlimited free support sounds too good to true, there is a good reason for it (and it’s not some marketing trick). When Smartspanner was created, I wanted to do things differently. I wanted to stand out in our own way for what I believed was the right business model and our ambition for the product.

First, I wanted to make a simple platform that would work for small to medium organisations. In 2013 I was running a manufacturing business and looking at CMMS software. Nothing in the market aligned to our needs, so we set about building our own simple cloud software. Only after some time did the concept of a business emerge and a model based on a few simple principals.

1. Keep it simple and effective
Basically, this means making the software as simple as possible. It has to still provide value to the organisation (user) and complexity is not a virtue!

2. Avoid excessive training
Creating intuititve and easy to use software, means training and implementation support can be minimal. Our 45 minute demo is enough training to set up and run Smartspanner. There are no training fees and no need to send anyone away on a training course.

3. Unlimited free support
If Smartspanner is easy to learn and simple then it stands that customers should not have many questions about how to use the software. Easy to follow support videos are our first line of customer support. If that doesn’t work, call or email us and we will respond straight away. No waiting lists, no ticket system, just get in touch. In reality we have very few support calls and there is no costly burden on the company to maintain a support team. This also supports the model of being good value for small to medium sizes companies.
After our 45-60 min demo of Smartspanner, users are able to run their own implementation of Smartspanner. Cloud software makes multi-site, multi-user deployment almost instant. Use our 14 day free trial to see if Smartspanner could work for your business.