Keep it Simple.

Maintenance teams love fixing things!

They are hands on people using their skills and knowledge to keep companies running and customers happy.

They are not always going to say they love administration and reports. These people have to be put first when making a product that will be a success in your company. All too often we talk to companies with software system that aren’t being used…because no one wants to or knows how to use the software!

Using Smartspanner is quick, easy and accessible on many platforms. As well being easy to use, simplicity ensures we don’t need to charge for training or support.

“If you need more than 15 minutes training to start using software, is it really “easy to use?”


One Price, for everything.

We charge one price for everything with no hidden extras.
No training costs, no support costs, no upgrades and no hidden options.
Everything is available to all users for one fixed amount. Our online and telephone support is unlimited and free.

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How it started

Whilst working in a senior role in manufacturing, I looked for a solution to provide a simple log of the maintenance work being done and ensure preventative maintenance was not being pushed back all the time due to breakdowns and changing priorities…or even completely forgotten about. A typical scenario for many companies!

The market only seemed to offer complex and expensive solutions that were just too
much for an SME with a small team. After failing to find a good solution, I set about building a simple database. The tool that emerged was fast, reliable and easy to follow. It became apparent this tool would benefit other SMEs and the idea to commercialise the software took shape in 2013; when living in Dubai and being responsible for multiple sites it was clear that cloud based systems that work anywhere was the only sensible route.

Since then Smartspanner has never stopped being in development and it has grown steadily from a simple tool with basic features into a simple tool with all the common features of CMMS applications. Keeping it simple is more difficult that it sounds.

The business has grown from a few regional customers to having customers across 4 continents. Our customers are in many different industries and range from small independent firms up to a PLC running Smartspanner.

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